Danny Boy Bella Palmer Lemon Drop Toryn

Vice Chairman for FPSNA
Zone 1 representative for FPSNA

Hardenberg is a small, family owned and operated business specializing in the Friesian horse and the Fell pony. Our love for horses, raising our two young children and living in the country finally brought us to the decision that it was time to start our dream farm. Hardenberg offers 20 acres of pasture.

We have a beautiful old dairy barn that we are repurposing into a horse barn which currently has four stalls. We are working towards five.

We met our first Friesian in 2008 and we were completely spell bound by this majestic, loving horse. They really are "gentle giants!" In 2009, we bought our first mare Salena, she had Palmer at her side and another one (Isabella’s Song) on the way.

In 2012, Jenni discovered the Fell Pony (commonly mistaken as a “mini Friesian”) and was struck by their beauty, intelligence and versatility. After many months of scouring the internet doing research and many emails back and forth, Jenni found the perfect Fell for our farm. Lemon Drop was purchased and brought home in June of 2013. Lemon Drop quickly fit into our family. She is a superb specimen of the Fell breed. We are thrilled to have her and help educate people on this rare breed.